First Adventure - Ground Looping!

It's a windy damn day in these parts making it a good time to blog about flying since one can't actually get out there to fly.  Last week, we did manage to get off the ground to perform some pattern work in our early attempts to learn how to land and take off in this adventure machine. Landing #1 - ground loop.  We ended up 180 degrees in the opposite direction in a foot of snow. Our first unpaved landing, on a paved runway no less!  It turns out our 170 has a big damn rudder compared to the nose wheel planes we're accustomed to flying making ground loops a when instead of an if.  We feel very accomplished having gotten ours done early in our training.  So, what do you do when your plane has gone off runway?  Easy, shut it down and push it back in place.  That's just what we did and followed up with four more decent takeoffs and landings.  

I once heard a joke that passengers land on runways - pilots land on centerlines.  As it goes, we'll continue to aim for centerlines but content ourselves with landing in the direction we intend.  In the meantime, we'll be dreaming of blue skies cause today is not that day.